Tap into your magic and embody the next level you.  

You understand that you are powerful. You know you can have, be & create whatever you want in life. You understand there is more to it than being positive. But you still worry & you are struggling to make the shifts you want in life. 


You get that self-love & self-worth is important but you still put pressure on yourself and essentially your inner voice is a bully. 


You know you can have an amazing life but you still feel stuck. 


Like, how do I actually do it? How do I tangibly create the things I want? How do I shift my mood, energy and inner thoughts to match the way that I want to feel?

I know that I need to look within for the answers and stop looking outside of myself for guidance, but how?  How do I create magic in my life? 


Tap into your magic and change every area of your life…

The course giving you everything I know and use in my life to feel better, create, manifest, heal, uplevel, shift through issues, anxiety, and low mood. All of the knowledge I use to shift clients in a massive way. 


The course consists of... 

Tools you can use over and over again to connect to the universe, shift your mood quickly and create powerful change & deep inner healing


Tools and training on how to tap into your intuition, how to embody the happier and more fulfilled version of yourself. How to shift your inner voice over and over again to a place where you are naturally confident, self-loving & accepting. 


Connect to the deeper aspects of yourself & the universe.

Tap into your intuition and inner guidance, find more clarity. 


There's a whole module on shifting the subconscious blocks that keep you stuck and hold you back! Very powerful shit. This is the stuff that really moves mountains and what I use with every single client in one-on-one consults to create massive change in their life. 

The very best thing about this… 


Is it’s all for you. 

The power is within you. 

The ability, the potential & the worthiness is all yours. 


Although I’m very excited and I get to share what I am most passionate about… 


You are the one that gets to embody who you desire to be. 

You are the one that gets to shift your whole fucking life. 




Tap into your magic and embody the next level you

course structure... 




Module one:


Connect to the highest place of existence, the energy of unconditional love and all that is and learn how to create from this space. 

Embody possibility + tap into your desire. 

Connect to the life you are worthy of.

Rewiring your inner voice, energy, & life.

Shifting the beliefs and constructs of your reality to better suit your expansion. 

Embodying the next level you and shifting your stories. 



Most importantly being the version of you that feels good x 


Module two:


Subconscious blocks. Covering everything that you withhold in your mind and energy that would block you, sabotage you, hold you back + all the tools and training's that help you understand subconscious blocks so you can use these tools again and again forever. 


Becoming limitless comes through a deep awareness of self and the process. Imagine how powerful you could be if you could find your subconscious blocks and sabotage patterns before they arose? 


Module three:


Embodying the fuck out of everything you now know so it is incorporated into every area of your life! 

Ever been to a course and when you get home all the info is gone because you are back in real life? This is the module that takes all awareness and grounds it into your life.


-How to shift your mood quickly, 

-How to move forward from a place of alignment, divine guidance, intuition. 

-How to embody and balance your energy and the energy of what you want. 

(I’ve been playing with quantum physics lately and it is incredible, I will be sharing these tools in this module) 

-How to keep your energy and thoughts aligned when in the real world dealing with real life shit. 


-How to heal triggers when they arise rather than pretending they are not there. 



Every training comes with activities & tools to help you truly understand the information and implement it in a powerful way for you. If you like journaling and finding the magic within then this is the course for you.


If you do not like journaling and prefer to have someone give you the answers, reassurance, clarity & guidance then do not do this course. This course is for people who love the inner work, love tapping into their light and expanding.  This course is for people ready to be empowered. That's why the best thing about this course is that you have the tools, you get to actualize all the knowledge you already understand and embody into your life.



It is empowering you to shift through things as they arise and be the biggest light in your life. 


Course bonus: You are added to the course private facebook group with the other like minded souls doing the course. The energy and support in this group will be so loving. It’s beyond exciting being in the energy of people who are committed to the inner work. A space for connection, support, inspiration and accountability. 

Who am I & why would you buy a course I created? 

I am Melissa Jane, I am trained in 4 powerful modalities that all based around human development, your patterns, behaviors, blocks, beliefs & limitations. Alongside the awareness and training, I have on the subconscious mind & energy bodies. I am an intuitive healer and I work with clients to shift the blocks, trauma, and issues that hold them back. I am not only a healer, but I also empower those clients to take their life into their own hands. The best healers are the ones that you eventually no longer need. 


Alongside my 5 years of extensive full-time training and two years of experience with clients, I am also obsessed with personal development, spiritual development and the law of attraction. I am an expert when it comes to behavior, energy, creation, and vibration.  I have completely transformed my life from depression, addiction, anxiety, overweight to inspiration &fulfillment with these tools and awareness I am now sharing with you. All the beautiful souls of the world deserve the advantages that come with this knowledge. 



Me SN.jpg

I have become so good at creating magic in my own life that the people close to me, the people with the same amount of awareness are shocked at how quickly my manifestations show up. People say that just being in my energy, in my vibration elevates them because I have cleared so much of my own personal stuff that I am of a very high vibration. 


When any new client books in with me I automatically want to give them everything I know to change their whole world but we only have an hour and it's important that hour is focused on deep personal healing. The kind they can't facilitate on their own. So with the tap into your magic course, people can get the best of both worlds and it's at such a low cost these tools are accessible to everyone. 


My intention, my mission is for more, of the heart-centered souls of the world to live into their potential. To own their worth and step deeper into their light in a way that they enjoy x 



"Melissa is an inspiring speaker & she askes the right questions to get the yummy thought processes going, leading to good feelings, a sense of personal power and clarity to move forward. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to uplevel and shift old belief patterns"   

- Lynley 

 "Melissa's course I did was really great for reflection and digging deep. I found so much more about myself that I hadn't acknowledge before. I finished the course feeling proud and was really excited.  I walked away with tools for future, soul work and more confidence within myself." 


"I always get so much from working with Melissa, her energy alone is enough to bring me to a beautiful state of being let alone the things I learn. Simple yet so effective. Anyone who wants to do better and be better can learn, it's all within us and Melissa guides in such a beautiful way, holding space, asking profound questions to really tap into your own intuition and get all the answers. I honestly don't know where I would be without her"

- Jordan 

The course cost is $340.00

Or payment plan available  $32 a week for 11 weeks. 



Do you know why I want you to do this course? because you fucking deserve more. I want you to know how beautiful and powerful you are. I want all heart-centered souls like you to know your worth and integrate your magic x 


So are you ready to tap into your magic, embody the next level you & change your whole fucking life in the process? 


Alternatively, you can buy module one separately for only for $111.00 or within the Sensitive Soul's package deal.