Invoke a sense of calm, tranquillity and trust. 


There are an incredible amount of people struggling with anxiety, depression and lack of confidence.   


And there is a huge lack of awareness of how profound, gentle and effective flower essences can be for intense emotions.


These beautiful essences are used for balancing your thoughts, emotions & energy. They are provided to encourage a feeling of calm, ease and harmony into your day. Used for intense emotions, personal and spiritual development. 

I used to struggle with Anxiety & panic attacks when I was younger, I was lucky enough to come from a family with natural health awareness. My go to was always Flower essences to use in times of panic or anxiety.  





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Have you seen Soul Essences in The Astral box?

You can use the essences any time, anywhere and as often as needed. All Sou Essences are individually crafted and energy infused  



Flower essences are Infusions made from flowers, leaving the healing & calming energy imprint of the flower within the essence. Each flower used brings different healing properties and Soul Essence’s use 5 flower infusions within each flower essence blend. A lot of people mix up Essencial oils and flower essences, they are different. Soul Essences are taken internally and are the energy, the essence of the flowers not the oil extracted. 


If you are using them for emotional support in times of anxiety, panic or depression, It is important to understand that these intense emotions are coming up for a reason and they need to be worked through on a deeper level, understood and released.


But these remedies can be used in time's you need to take the edge off, so you are not left stuck in a state of panic or worry. I encourage people to use them alongside the deeper aspects of working through things like anxiety, panic attacks, depression, low self-esteem, chakra healing.   


Soul Essences are provided to bring gentle energy into the sometimes difficult journey that healing and life can be.


How do I get a Soul Essence blend? 

You can have a short consult and have an individual Soul Essence made to fit you and your particular needs. Or you can choose from the Soul Essence blends currently on the Soul Nourish shop. 



Lightness - Provided for heavy emotions, burn out and breaking point.  

Inner-calm - Provided for anxiety, worry, and panic.   

Confidence - Provided for wanting to increase confidence, trust in one's self and direction. 

Self-love & kindness - Provided for increasing self-acceptance and bringing loving thoughts to life. 



 Scroll down to take a closer look at these blends and all the amazing things they can be used for or shop now. 








How do I take the Essence? 

Easy! You simply drop a few drops into water and drink it, sip away as required or put the drops directly into your mouth. 


A deeper look at Flower Essences... 

38 essences made from wildflower's developed in the 1930's by Dr Edward Bach. "The action of these remedies is to raise our vibrations and open up our channels for the reception of the spiritual self" A quote from Edward Bach himself. These beautiful remedies, like everything else, offered at Soul Nourish is from the principle: that aligning the emotions and balancing your spiritual self-brings the body into balance also. When you dissolve worry, sadness, depression, anxiety & fear, there is only room left for joy, trust happiness and peace.   


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Inner Calm 


This essence is designed to promote inner peace and calm.

Inner Calm can be offered in times of: Anxiety, panic attacks, fear or worry,  feeling overwhelmed, consumed in negative thought, mental strain and stress.


Inner Calm is provided for a sense of inner: Relief, calm, stability, clarity, peace & trust. 

If we can take a deep breath and allow relief to wash over us then thoughts can become rational and clear. Peace and hope can become available to us. 




This remedy is designed to bring light in times of darkness.

Lightness flower essence can be offered in times of:

Heavy feelings, negative thought patterns, burn out, low mood,

unhappiness is hidden behind a happy front, repetitive worry. 


Lightness is provided for a sense of inner: Clarity, strength, hope, optimism.  


If we are able to clear away the darkness there is more room for the light. Joy, appreciation, & peace can become available to us.


Self love and kindness 


This essence is designed to bring loving thoughts to life...

Self-love and kindness flower essence can be offered to people wanting to be able:

To say no to others without guilt, release pressure around the to-do list,

Release perfectionism and high expectations of themselves.  

Gain confidence by releasing guilt an overwhelm. 


Self-love and kindness is provided to gain space for a sense of inner:​Self-acceptance, Loving thoughts, kindness towards oneself 


Invite acceptance, love & kindness into your day. The most important relationship you have is the one you have with yourself.



Trust & belief in self

This essence is designed to bring a sense of confidence into one's life. Confidence flower essence can be offered to people wanting to be able:​

Gain confidence in their ability, to let go of the fear of failure and awaken purpose. To release negative thought patterns after a setback and feelings of discouragement. 

Gain trust in their ability to make good decisions 

Confidence is provided for a sense of inner:

Confidence, trust in their ability, self-acceptance. 


All confidence really is, is wholeheartedly believing in yourself- win or lose...What you are wanting is ready for you. Are you ready to go and get it?

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