Turn your sensitivities into your biggest blessing 

Are you a sensitive soul?



Sensitive souls are usually gifted souls. 

There are many healers, intuitives, empaths, walking around in this time of mass consciousness awakening. 


The difficult thing about this is that many of them do not realize they are gifted souls and therefore are struggling. 


Or they do know but they don’t know how to develop or progress their gifts in a way that they are no longer burdened by their sensitivities. 


Because when you are one of these souls you may pick up on energies and do not understand how to deal with it so they label it anxiety.


These sensitives choose a life with many challenges because their souls need to evolve. Evolve in a way that develops their awareness and healing gifts. But they get lost on the journey and they label it depression. 


They attract detrimental relationships with unhealed people. Relationships with takers because these souls are naturally healing, generous and giving people. They have a natural born ability to perceive situations and direct people into a healing space. 

I was once speaking with a beautiful friend who is also very intuitive and we spoke about how it was sometimes overwhelming and almost scary. It can be difficult to find support from people who understand, you can begin to feel overwhelmed, crazy and lost in your sensitivities. I used to so deeply crave someone to guide me, support me, understand me and help me find my place in the world. The further I developed my intuitive abilities and empathetic nature the less I felt overwhelmed. My sensitivities turned into my gift my passion and my purpose. I have had several mentors over the years but there was never anything available like what I needed. That is why I am now creating what I once longed for and what I spent years trying to find. 



Calling all sensitive souls, empaths, and intuitive… 


Do you crave deep soul connections with people who understand in the same way that you do? 

Do you feel lonely in the company of others because you lust after profound interactions with like-minded souls? 


Do people often open up to you quickly? Share their problems with you? Do you have a natural gift to direct people into a healing space? Do you also find yourself drained after interactions with others? 

Do you feel a sense of loneliness & isolation because no one understands things to the depth that you do?


Do you know what it’s like to feel things on a deep level, almost as if you feel more so then others?

Do you have a strong understanding of the universe and your surroundings? Are you affected by the moon and enjoy being in nature and around crystals? 


Are you often aware of how other people are feeling and if their energy is off? 

Do you feel overwhelmed in crowded places? Get anxiety or feel the heavy feelings of depression from time to time? 


If you can relate to these things chances are you are a sensitive soul, an empath, an old soul... 


A gifted soul. You can shift all of these things into a place that serves you. 



The sensitive soul's package is for you if... 


If you would like to...

Shift anxiety, depression, overwhelm, trauma or deeply seeded blocks. 

Turn your sensitivities into a gift, a blessing… 

Create energetic boundaries and no longer be drained by others energy... 

Develop a stronger connection to the universe, your intuition, guides, and guidance system... 

Find confidence, peace & trust within your self.


I am also a sensitive soul, I have seen and felt it all and I am now on the other side of feeling drained, feeling lonely, feeling anxious. I have also spent the last 4 years training in how to help other sensitive souls rise from their sensitivities and find their place in the world. The journey of rising above it all for me is alway through personal healing. There is no greater blessing then releasing what no longer serves you to call in all that you desire and aspire to be.


You deserve more, you are worthy of incredible things. It is time to own your gifts, it is time to step into your truth. 


The work we do in the sensitive soul's package is all at a vibrational level and catered for your individual needs. So whatever you need and want to shift we will work on. Within sessions we are always working at a  soulful level, shifting and healing on all levels to be able to rise up into confidence, clarity, purpose, peace, trust & love. 


Connect further to your soul and find your place in the world x



The package details...

Consultations are a little bit like a counseling & coaching session but we go deep and really shift the energy of what is coming up and that's what creates a lasting impact and a meaningful shift.

All consultations are done online via video chat unless discussed otherwise beforehand. 


Each session is individually catered to you and what you are wanting to work on so if you are struggling with anxiety we will work on that. When you come into each session clear on what you desire to shift we can create magic together.


I use all of my modalities within consults, read more about the techniques here.  



The sensitive soul's package includes: 

  • An Essencial consult around 1.5 hours long valued at $200 with a 15min check-in call

  • Two follow through consults valued at $150 each.

  • The first homeopathic remedy and Soul Essence flower essence blend plus postage valued at $33.50

  • Tap module one of the tap into your magic course & embody the next level you course valued at $147.00 


Package saving of $200.00 

The payment plan is $33.00 a week for 15 weeks or $26.00 over 19 weeks. 


If you desire the full tap into your magic course the payment plan is $33.00 for 17 or $26.70 over 21 weeks.

If you are renewing the package deal it is 4 sessions and the payment plan is $32.00 over 12 weeks x 

If you are not satisfied with the work we do together after two sessions you can exit the package deal and just pay for the two sessions in full. This way you can feel safe knowing if you are not happy you do not have to follow through with all sessions. 


Alternatively, you can book in an essencial consultation with me to work on any of the above issues for $200


The sensitive souls package

Alternatively, you can book in a single session consultation with me to work on any of the above issues. 

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The Initial Consultation
1 h 30 Min

If you want to join a tribe of like-minded souls who truly understand and support each other then join the free Soul Nourish facebook group...

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