Turn your sensitivities into your biggest blessing 

Are you a sensitive soul?

Sensitive souls are usually gifted souls. 

There are many healers, intuitives, empaths, walking around in this time of mass consciousness awakening. The difficult thing about this is that many of them do not realize they are gifted souls and therefore are struggling. 

Or they do know but they don’t know how to develop or progress their gifts in a way that they are no longer burdened by their sensitivities. Because when you are one of these souls you may pick up on energies and do not understand how to deal with it so they label it anxiety

These sensitives choose a life with many challenges because their souls need to evolve. Evolve in a way that develops their awareness. But they get lost on the journey and they label it depression. 


They attract detrimental relationships with unhealed people. Relationships with takers because these souls are naturally healing, generous and giving people. They have a natural born ability to perceive situations and direct people into a healing space. 

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What is it that you crave to let go of? 

I was once speaking with a beautiful friend who is also very intuitive. We talked about how it was often overwhelming & almost scary being so energetically aware.  


It is difficult to find support from people who understand, you can feel overwhelmed, crazy and lost in your sensitivities. I used to deeply crave guidance, support, and understanding, someone to help me heal & find my place in the world. I have had several mentors over the years and been to many healers but there was never anything available like what I needed. 

I have spent years healing and developing my sensitivities, I no longer feel overwhelmed. My intuition and empathetic nature are my biggest blessings.  Anxiety, addiction, depression& empath issues are no longer what I deal with but what I help people to overcome. 

I have trained for five years in profound and deep acting healing modalities, I use these to shift sensitive souls into their power. Empaths with boundaries are going to save the world x 


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“I feel  at peace after our session, you have already helped me so much & I am grateful to have connected with you because I feel like for the first time I actually have found someone who understands me” - Tyler 


Are you a sensitive soul, empath & intuitive? is it time to rise from your sensitivities and find your place in the world...

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-Do you know what it’s like to feel things on a deep level, almost as if you feel more so then others? Do you have a strong awareness of the universe and your surroundings? Are you affected by the moon and enjoy being in nature and around crystals? 

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-Do people often open up and share problems with you quickly?  Do you have a natural gift to direct people into a healing space? Do you find yourself drained after interactions with others? 

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-Do you crave soul connections? But also hide and stay at home because of feeling overwhelmed by energy in the company of others?

Or do feel lonely within interactions because people just don't understand in the depth that you do? 

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Are you often aware of how other people are feeling and if their energy is off? Do you feel overwhelmed in crowded places? Get anxiety or feel the heavy feelings of depression from time to time? Do you put others needs over your own? 

"I had struggled for a long time with boundaries, I used to feel angry and frustrated, after working with Melissa I am so much more confident. I am able to listen and trust my intuition, it shines brighter every day. I learned I am an empath and how to support myself, I am now loving and accepting of myself. I no longer feel alone in the world, I feel loved and I know I am supported. 


I used to hide away and sleep a lot, I would stay at home because of feeling uncomfortable around people, I didn’t know what to do with myself but now I am happy, I have had a complete turn around from where I used to be and there is so much more ahead I can’t wait.” -Stacey 


What do you do in the sensitive soul's package? 

Everything in the sensitive soul's package is catered to you, we work on what you need to shift and heal.  We can work on anxiety, depression, overwhelm, trauma & empath issues. We shift deeply seeded blocks & beliefs causing you discomfort while calling in a new and desired state of being. 


You come to each session with intention, you know what it is you are wanting to shift and what it is you are wanting to call in, I help you to achieve that. It is my job to find the cause and removed blocks while supporting you to embody the things you desire and deserve.  

All sessions at Soul Nourish are working on a physical, subconscious, energetic and spiritual level. It sounds out there but it's just deep work, sessions are almost like a counseling/ coaching session but we are shifting from all levels. The physical body, emotional body, energetic bodies, and the subconscious mind. We connect to the soul and shift all the way down to the cellular level. Read about the modalities used here.

I support your sacred healing journey so you can step into a loving & fulfilling space.

You deserve more, you are worthy of incredible things. It is time to own your gifts, it is time to step into your truth. 

Would you like...?

-To shift deeply seeded blocks that are causing struggle in your life

-Create energetic boundaries and no longer be burdened by other peoples energy

-Develop a stronger connection to the universe & your intuition.  

- Find confidence, clarity, and peace within.

-Connect further to your soul and find your place in the world. 

- To ease Anxiety and step into a loving centered version of yourself. 

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How do I know if this is right for me or if it will even change anything in my life? 

Firstly I want to say I understand it's scary and you do not want to commit to something and be let down. it is extremely disheartening to have hope that something will give you the relief you crave and then nothing changes. 

So instead of deciding from reading what is written on this page why don't you ask your intuition, your soul? 

Alignment always wins, your soul always leads you in the right direction. I do not want anyone to book in with me that will not receive what they need from the package. 

If it is right for you it will feel good, you will feel excited to be supported in such a sacred and expansive way. You might still feel a little nervous but that's ok the biggest and best decisions in life always scare you a little. 

Every single person who has booked the sensitive souls package has continued to work with me because they received so much from the sessions, remedies, course & essences. 

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To invest in your self with deep healing is one of the most self-loving acts you can commit to.  Knowing you deserve to feel worthy, loved, connected & supported and have someone hold space for you to rise into that is invaluable. I used to wait until things were horrendous and I couldn't cope any longer before I would reach out for help. It was far more expensive paying for crutches and coping mechanisms then it was if I had of just valued the way I deserved to feel.  

The act and intention behind signing up alone create a vibration of owning your worth and that by its self will begin to create shifts.

"Immediately during our session, I felt lighter, and after our session, it was though a weight had lifted. I felt calmer, relaxed, and most of all, happy.

Weeks on and I still feel great. I’m most certainly calmer than I was prior to our sessions. I’m not as irritable as I was, nor am I as frustrated & overwhelmed.

Thank you, Melissa"

- Kylee

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The sensitive soul's package details 

The package includes...

Full 6 Month Mentorship package 

  • A Full intention plan for what you desire to receive from this package Journal & alignment work to set up your energy in a powerful way. 

  • An Initial consult around 1.5 hours long with a 10min check-in call within three weeks.

  • Three follow up consults 1 hour-long.

  • Four 30 minute shift consults  

  • A detailed hand out explaining how to get the most from working with me with a symptom tracker chart.   

  • The first homeopathic remedy & Soul Essence flower essence blend plus postage valued at $33.50 

Normally $900.00 Saving you $200 

Pay in full $700 

The payment plan is $30.00 A week for 26weeks 


 Alternatively, you can book 

Standard Package 

Initial Package Includes

4x 1 Hour consults plus check-in calls when you need them within 3 weeks of the consultation. 

Taking consults from $125.00 to $96.00 with a total saving of $116.00. Pay in full $384

 The payment plan is $32.00 for 12 weeks

or you can choose $26.00 a week for 15 weeks. 

If you are not satisfied with the work we do together after your first session + check-in call you can exit the package deal and just pay for the session in full. This way you can feel safe knowing if you are not happy you do not have to follow through with all sessions. 


If the package deal is not right for you, you can book in a first-time consultation with me to work on any of the above issues for $160.00


Book in your Free Connection Call to discuss if this package is right for you x  

YAY I am so excited for you, you deserve this...