To all the healers, givers, helpers of the world worried about charging money for your gifts…

There is something so sacred about helping another human being. 

You spend years learning, growing and healing personally to even get to the stage you are able to hold space for another. 

Their goals become your goals, their hopes and dreams become important to you the second they come into your space. 

You trust and believe in them in a deep way. You know and see their worth even more then they are capable of seeing at this point.  But you still feel bad for charging money. Like you are taking from them, taking their money. As if it’s unfair for some reason. 

You know what you do is of high value. Yet because supporting, nurturing and assisting someone through the scared journey of their life is not tangible, it is easy to forget, dismiss how profound and worthy of money what you are offering to this soul truly is. 


The heart centred souls of the world are often so practiced at giving, at loving. At being their beautiful generous self that you easily forget it is essential to receive. 

In actual fact it is of high importance to your clients that you receive. Your clients need someone that is well looked after, supported, nurtured and centred. You can not be who they need you to be if you are tried, worn out & worried. 

It is in the people you help best interest that you know your worth, receive what you are worth and have space to look after your self. 

I spoke to a friend recently about if you charge less then you will receive more clients, but this system is fundamentally flawed. If you are a healer, a helper, can you really hold sacred space for quantities of people? If you are seeing one client after the other after the other can you rally give them the energy they all deserve? 

Can you continue learning, up skilling, up levelling in your own vibration, awarenes and skill set if you are strung out seeing client after client for less money? 

For me personally I desire to help the right clients, the committed clients, the ready clients. The clients that are tapped into their intuition enough to follow alighted guidance. The clients the book in with me because their soul told them too and they listened because they know it’s time to shift and I am the one that can help them do it. 

The deeper you are able to embody and own your worth. Be firm in your loving boundaries the most permission that gives your clients to do the same x 

Melissa Jane, Intuitive, writer, owner of Soul Nourish.  Passionate about heart centred woman heal and empower empaths.

Create a fulfilling and passionate life through inner healing.

Soul Nourish is about helping you shift what isn't working, so you can live life in a way that brings you joy, by removing your subconscious and energetic blocks.

Whether you want a healthy body, soulful relationship, confidence, purpose or peace.

We begin to create these things naturally as we shift what is blocking us from receiving. With my intuitive gifts, powerful vibrational remedies, subconscious mind work, & energy work.

Some of the tools used are Homeopathy, Neuro-Emotional Technique, (muscle testing. Theta healing, Education and Coaching with transformational tools & Universal energy healing.

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