The magic pill for love, connection and the remedy for all empaths.

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

The magic pill for love & connection

There is a common theme amongst empaths, lightworkers and the sensitive souls of this world.

The deep craving for…

People who understand,

For depth,

For knowing,

For more,

They feel a longing for the profound levels of love and connection they are capable of giving. These souls are wise and not just in mind but in knowing, in energy.

They feel confusion and crave to be truly connected to the full capacity of their essence & source.


You desire to belong but when you look around all you see is shallow conversations, shallow actions, disconnected souls… You dumb yourself down because being around anyone is better then the loneliness you feel here on earth. Or even worse you are scared to let anyone in, not truly in anyway.

You are affected by peoples energies and the energy of the toxicity on this planet.

It is hard to stay grounded in this space we call earth and around people who are at a lower frequency then you and your true essence.

Energy invades your space and confusion clouds your mind.

You long for home.

You crave love, comfort, and belonging.

Nothing makes you feel more alive than being around other souls that get it. That see beyond the illusion in the same way that you do. Anxiety sets in around people, crowds and it’s difficult to know if you are feeling your pain or the pain of this world.

Addictions are easy to fall into because it gives us a taste of home whether it be food, chocolate, wine or weed.

It might even be a safe relationship you use to fill the void. Those cuddles you crave help being in this body, feeling safe in this crazy world we have chosen to enter into.

You know you are meant for more,

You know you are here for a reason.

But you feel lost and unsupported on the mission.

It is often the most intelligent people who feel the deepest of insecurities.

We choose difficult childhoods to evolve our soul once more but knowing that doesn’t seem to make it even easier.

And you are ready for this discomfort to be eased.

You are ready for the support, the clarity and the energetic boundaries to set in.

You are ready to strengthen your field and intuition.

You are ready to shift, feel connected, loved and safe on this earth.

You are ready to be deeply grounded into the earth alongside being truly connected to source and your soul self.

Myself and most of my clients are currently on the Lac remedies. Homeopathy is of a high frequency and touches on all levels, the spiritual body, the emotional, the mental and the physical being.

The lac remedies are the bonding remedies, used to embody the vibration of belonging, safety, grounding and connection to deeper aspects of source and the soul.

The energetic essence of these remedies are Breast milk- The act in itself is where we receive our first nutrients, bonding, love. This is where we are taught to feel safe in this body, on this planet in this world.

It is also an act of unconditional love from a mother.

That cuddle we crave, that safety, that connection, the clarity can all be found in this energetic essence.

These remedies are described as the connection to self and soul.

People needing this remedy can display symptoms such as feeling empty emotional and physically.Hormone imbalances, digestion issues, food intolerance, addiction and everything I have listed above.

There is an element of being a kind and generous person that sometimes leads to being miss treated by others. That is peered with a difficulty of speaking up about it because you are so kind and would never want to hurt anyone.

The prominent symptoms that indicate all empaths need this remedy at same stage is for the energetic boundaries. Empaths do not need to be burned by energy, our awearness is our gift. If you struggle with energy know this is something that can be overcome. We did not come here to struggle.

If you are one of the sensitive souls of this earth I send you love.

This gig isn’t always easy but I promise you are powerful.

I promise you are supported and you are in the perfect place x

If you desire more support, more connection or you feel drawn to these remedies contact Soul Nourish x The best way I offer support to sensitive souls and empaths is the Sensitive souls package one on one sessions with me for personal healing at a soul level. Or the Tap into your magic course created to give you all the tools to be empowered & connect to the highest plane of existence. Shifting, healing and creating from the space of unconditional love.

Melissa Jane, Intuitive, Healer, writer & owner of Soul Nourish.  Passionate about heart centred woman and empower empaths.

Create a fulfilling and passionate life through inner healing.

Soul Nourish is about helping you shift what isn't working, so you can live life in a way that brings you joy, by removing your subconscious and energetic blocks.

Whether you want a healthy body, soulful relationship, confidence, purpose or peace.

We begin to create these things naturally as we shift what is blocking us from receiving. With my intuitive gifts, powerful vibrational remedies, subconscious mind work, & energy work.

Some of the tools used are Homeopathy, Neuro-Emotional Technique, (muscle testing. Theta healing, Education and Coaching with transformational tools & Universal energy healing.

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