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Updated: Aug 15, 2019

The path to conception is not always an easy journey, with miscarriages at an all time high, the cost of fertility treatment being not just financially taxing but also emotionally. There is a desperate desire to crack the code on how to conceive naturally. 

My husband and I have only recently began the magical journey to create our very first bundle of joy and in all honesty I have had quiet fears for years. Even though we were not yet trying and not yet ready, I had begun worrying. Worrying about miscarriage, worrying about it being a long painful journey because I had witnessed people I care about, really struggle to get pregnant. 

There is such a deep desire, a longing to create life. The love we will feel for our very own child, it is unexplainable and that’s why struggling to conceive and miscarriage must be one of the most painful curve balls life could throw at any of us. 

Also being a natural health and healing practitioner with a deep spiritual knowing, I have an understanding of the practical process and what can cause issues as well as a higher perspective… 

Are you struggling to conceive naturally? Having trouble getting pregnant? Or just preparing your body for a healthy pregnancy?

I would love to share some awareness and tips on how to conceive naturally. 



People often miss the spiritual element in all this, so, lets look at it from a higher perspective. You are a soul having a human experience, the child you are wanting to conceive is also a soul and it has divine timing. But not just that, this soul might need things to be in a certain space before it can come through. 

For example someone very close to me spent years trying to conceive. They booked a reading with a very talented channeller and he said “once you own a home the child can come through.” The very month they brought their own home they also conceived. Magic, not really though, we might not understand why but this soul needed the foundations laid for their future and the lessons it has come here to experience. 

So developing your intuition and inner guidance system, being in touch with your soul in a deeper way can help you to create the right space and circumstances for your future baby boy or girl. 



We understand children can be effected by our toxins and that we need to have a balanced healthy body for pregnancy. So doing a good detox, got it. But what is often not talked about is that we also need to have a healthy mind. We need to have healthy thoughts and feel good about ourselves too. Babies, little souls pick up on everything and if you love yourself, if you have a healthy mindset a soul is more likely to choose you and want to learn, grow and experience life with you. 

So healing the relationship we have with ourselves can be hugely beneficial and not just because we want a child but because we deserve to feel good. You are worthy of feeling good about yourself.



Children learn about life and the way the world works through their parents perceptions and experiences they share. Babies are developed in our body, in our womb and if you are anxious, if you have unresolved trauma the child will be developing in that energy. Old unresolved trauma is stored deep within our cells and cellular memory, the child can be heavily effected by this energy & the thoughts that go with it. This may cause the soul to choose different parents to ensure a more settled and healthy pregnancy, or alternatively the pregnancy can take place but anxiety may arise and then a miscarriage can happen. 

Do not be disheartened by this, it doesn’t mean you have to be perfect and have your shit all together to attract the perfect soul. Things will happen all in the right timing and there is a really beautiful & natural healing solution for all the points I have shared…

And it’s actually quite simple,

The answer is homeopathy. Homeopathy not only used to help the body to detox and balance hormones it is also used for unresolved traumas and anxiety. There are some main remedies used for fertility, miscarriages, polycystic ovaries there is also a well known homeopathic fertility program. There are remedies used for supporting grief after a miscarriage and then used to get the body more prepared before trying again.  

Homeopathic consults consider all aspects of a person, meaning how they you are mentally, emotionally and physically. Any past traumas, fears, if you have a tendency to worry. Any relationship issues especially the relationship you have with yourself. 

Then you are given a remedy to stimulate healing on all of those levels and anything under the surface can be transformed. 

Homeopathy is completely natural and the person I mentioned in the first example had also begun using homeopathy and the fertility program before conception. Natural fertility treatment worked for them right before they were about to go down the IVF root. 

Magic again, not really though, homeopathic remedy anyone? 

As I mentioned before my husband and I are only just beginning the journey to conception and that for me is clearing the worry and anxiety I get from time to time. While I also detox my body and balance hormones, getting my cycles in a good regular place because I have polycystic ovaries. I also noticed a lot of old grief surface as this process started and I know it was coming up to heal so I am a fresh and clear vessel for a beautiful soul to choose us. I am going through the process of really learning how to love myself because I know that helps too. I wanted to share how homeopathy will be with me each step of the way and if you are on the joinery to conception it can support you two. 

If you want to know more about how homeopathy can support you at any stage of the pregnancy, birthing and antenatal process then message me or read about some of the services offered at Soul Nourish. I bring a spiritual and intuitive element into all healing sessions as well as being deeply grounded in healing the physical body. Healing techniques with spiritually and science so you get the results you desire and deserve x 

Heart you,

Melissa Jane x

Melissa Jane - An intuitive soul, A healer and owner of Soul Nourish.

With my intuitive gifts, powerful energetic homeopathic remedies & years of training in deeply transformative healing modalities, I help you release the struggles in life & create the change you desire. This is the type of personal healing and spiritual development that creates an impact throughout your whole life.

The possibilities are limitless when you are tapped into your soul, your desires and you are healing from a deep level x

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