The healing industry has it all wrong..

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

Let's real talk for a minute...

We have birthed a new age and it is time things shifted. This shift begins when we are able create new understanding and change the way we do things. Starting with how we heal our mind and body... Because in all honestly the healing industry has it all wrong and I wish I knew what I am about to explain to you years ago...

Let's start simple: We can not heal physically or mentally and create a beautiful life when we are focused on what's wrong. We do live in a Law Of Attraction world right... So when we try healing lets say our gut or anxiety we are focused on the issues and therefor create more of that issue..

So how do we get past this?

Well, since we are beginning to understand how powerful we are, we know we create our own reality and that you can become a magnet for your souls deepest desires.

So we need to understand that we heal our mind and body the same way and that is through deep connection to what we want....

What is it that you want to create when you are healthy? What will the anxiety be replaced with? And how do we make this happen?

There is an extreamilty powerful way to do this.. Heal on all levels at the same time as manifesting your souls desires, if you have the right healer that is....

​I'll explain this powerful approach in a minute but first a story of how I realised where the healing industry needs to evolve...

After years of trying to heal being over-weight, anxiety, relationship issues & chronic health issues I finally reached a point I no longer had health issues or anxiety. My relationship was connected & loving, I lost 20kgs, I had energy and I was happy. Life was good.

Then it got bad again, most of my issues came back one by one..

Do you know why?

Because having issues was all I knew. I didn't know what was on the other side of issues, I was healthy so now what? When we are not connected to our inspiration and desire we fall back into the detrimental patterns we are so familiar with

I didn’t know how to keep growing and moving forward being lead by what I deeply wanted in life. What a luxury, who lives like that? Being completely tapped into inspiration and living accordingly. Most of the world is just trying to overcome their struggles.


All I knew was healing from what's wrong, focusing on fixing whats broken, resolving the current struggle I was facing. Even my mentor/healer at that time only knew how to help me evolve spiritually, emotionally & physically when I was in a state of despair.

This keeps you stuck in a loop, only ever moving forward from a place of pain & discomfort and never through being lead by inspiration & desire.


Fuck that, I moved on... I hired a mentor that heals the underlining subconscious and energy blocks that limit you from freedom, fulfilment & success while healing the body at the same time.



I then trained in those same modalities both mentors/healer use to help to release what blocks goals being achieved, money being received, relationships thriving... As well as deeply healing and nourishing your entire body, mind and soul.

You get the point.

So back to the powerful approach for healing while creating a life you love,

​At Soul Nourish when you sign up for the Healing for Success package you begin each session connected to inspiration and the desired outcome.

I want be making more money in my business…

For my husband to adore me...

To be slim and feel beautiful…

For my body & my health to thrive and enable me to live at my full potential.

Yes we are healing the body, balancing gut and hormones while releasing trauma, conditioned patters and shifting the not so great ​issues but when you do this with the connected focus to what you want..

Life becomes magical as you tap into your power and become in alignment with your desires.


The key lesson here is if you choose to heal what is under the surface through what you desire, those things under the surface no longer need to come up and cause havoc in your life in order to be released.

You can bypass problems when working with the subconscious mind in a powerful way.


Because what is under the surface will need to come up, it always does. It is apart of our souls evolution and human experience, we are hard-wired for growth and expansion.

Growth is a even human need. The things you need to heal, the stuff you have under the surface are going to need to be addressed at some stage...

So will you be growing through pain? Or influenced by joy?

Are you going to wait to invest in your self when you can't cope any more or are you going to indulge in your desires and creating the things you are worthy of? I know what one I am committed to and it feels like self love to live this way.

If you are passionate about creating less struggle & more fulfilment in your life then read more about the Healing For Success package offered at Soul Nourish.

You are so worthy and deserving of the things you desire in life x

I heart you,

Melissa Jane

Melissa Jane - An intuitive soul, A healer and owner of Soul Nourish.

With my intuitive gifts, powerful energetic homeopathic remedies & years of training in deeply transformative healing modalities, I help you release the struggles in life & create the change you desire. This is the type of personal healing and spiritual development that creates an impact throughout your whole life.

The possibilities are limitless when you are tapped into your soul, your desires and you are healing from a deep level x

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