One of the most powerful questions you can ask yourself....

Updated: Sep 26, 2018

One of the most powerful question you can as yourself is... 

How do I want to feel? 

If your spinning out, anxious or feeling overwhelmed.

One thing you can do is to stop and ask yourself... how do I want to feel?  

When you do this your whole energy shifts and you begin to think differently. 

When your mind focuses on negative or problems then thoughts can go wild and gain momentum causing huge anxiety. 

Your mind can create such huge and for the most part imaginary problems. 

Sure some times there are real problems don’t get me wrong but do we really need to spend hours going around in circles trying to fix them? 

Months even, I know people who spend months focusing and thinking about how to deal with an issue and fix a problem. 

So when you ask how do I want to feel all of a sudden you are in the present moment and in the positive.

In a state of finding a solution rather then trying to figure it out. 

Big hint- anxiety, worry, being overwhelmed is heavily caused by mistrusting thoughts.

For example worrying that you don’t have enough time to reach deadlines, get everything ticked off the to do list and you spend all day feeling rushed and hurried trying to achieve it. 

Then you actually have time to spear at the end of the day because it was all in your head.

So imagine if you say in the mist of feeling hurried… How do I want to feel? And all of a sudden your brain and body realise feeling relaxed is available to you. 

Because to be fair feeling relaxed about time and feeling worried about time don’t actually change the amount of time you have do they? So why not feel the way you want to feel thought your day and enjoy your life! 

This simple question can be used at anytime! Feeling angry about a situation? How do I want to feel about this? How do I want this situation to go? 

Focusing on what we want to happen and how we want to feel are such huge tools for transformation. 

Go on ask yourself now. How do I want to feel? 

How does it feel to know that being happy and calm is always available to you if you want it?

It’s just a question away 

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Also I would like to mention I was inspired to write this post by an amazing spiritual coach and mentor Gabrielle Bernstein.

Until next time,

Melissa Jane

Melissa Jane, 

Intuitive healer, writer, owner of Soul Nourish. 

Passionate about shifting you from where you are into where you want to be and healing from a soul level in the process. 

Soul Nourish is about helping you shift what isn't working, so you can live life in a way that brings you joy, by removing your subconscious and energetic blocks. whether you want to manifest a healthy body, soulful relationship, confidence, purpose or peace. We begin to create these things naturally as we shift what is blocking us from receiving. With my intuitive gifts, powerful vibrational remedies, subconscious mind work, & energy work. 

Some of the tools used are Homeopathy, Neuro-Emotional Technique, Education and Coaching with transformational tools & Universal energy healing.

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