Do you want to know how to heal?

Updated: Sep 26, 2018

I'll give you a big clue...

Its is not about sickness, or stress. 

Healing is about inspiration. 

It's about connecting you to your Soul. 

It’s about connecting you to the love you crave. 

It’s about becoming the person you deeply desire to be. 

It’s about finding and focusing on all the things you love in life ❤ 

To achieve all of that. 

You clear away everything that is not that. 

So the work we do is not about validating the pain or the hardship.

But clearing that away so we can call in what you want to replace that with. 

You can become a person that feels deeply inspired. 

Immersed in things that feel good to you and light up your soul up with love. 

It’s not about pretending that every day is perfect. 

But using the not perfect days as an opportunity to release what no longer serves you. 

Find what it is that makes your soul feel happy. 

Truly deeply happy. 

Immerse your self within that. 

Heal while doing that


Until next time,

Melissa Jane

Melissa Jane, 

Intuitive healer, writer, owner of Soul Nourish.  Passionate about shifting you from where you are into where you want to be and healing from a soul level in the process. 

Soul Nourish is about helping you shift what isn't working, so you can live life in a way that brings you joy, by removing your subconscious and energetic blocks. whether you want to manifest a healthy body, soulful relationship, confidence, purpose or peace. We begin to create these things naturally as we shift what is blocking us from receiving. With my intuitive gifts, powerful vibrational remedies, subconscious mind work, & energy work. 

Some of the tools used are Homeopathy, Neuro Emotional Technique, Education and Coaching with transformational tools & Universal energy healing.

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