Are you feeling stuck in your relationship?

Updated: Oct 25, 2018

Are you feeling stuck in your relationship? 

Like you are just going around and around in circles. 

The same issues just keep coming up again and again? 

You get little bit of progress and then before long it’s back to what it was. 

All of the stuff happening in your relationship, that’s your stuff. 

When you heal the relationship you have with yourself then your relationship has space to heal and move forward with you. 

It’s your unhealed parts that show up in them and within the relationship. 

Trust me, I have been there. 

I’ve spend an incredible amount of time working on my relationship. 

But it wasn’t until I really healed my shit that was just making it’s self known through the relationship that we actually got anywhere. 

Yes he had shit to work through too. Lot’s of it. 

But he couldn’t move through his shit until I changed my focus to healing me. 

I was so sure it was him that needed to change things for the relationship to be better. 

But that puts so much pressure on men they shut down and are unable to grow.

Even when they do really need to change things the pressure coming from us really slows down their ability to move forward on their own accord. 

When our partners do all the right things, it makes us so happy.

A relationship can bring so much joy. 

And when that person can bring you so much joy and happiness we can become reliant on them for our source of happiness. 

So when they aren’t doing all the right things we then feel frustrated and as if for some reason it’s because of what they are doing. 

And if they would just do this, this and this other thing then we wouldn’t feel frustrated. 

But that frustration is our frustration. 

When we change the vibration within ourself that is causing the issue. 

Then the issue it’s self changes. 

But it’s all within us. 

Your partner can not give you what you are needing or are lacking until you are in vibrational harmony with it. 

So if you need more support, you must heal all the aspects of your vibration and self that feel unsupported. Until then your partner can’t actually support you. 


Are you being supportive of yourself? 

Are you able to let go of control enough to actually receive support? 

Do you know how it is you would like to be supported? 

Do you feel worthy of being supported?

There could maybe be a time in life you felt really unsupported and that is needed to be cleared vibrationally before you can feel support now. 

If you are needing more connection in your relationship, you must heal all the disconnected aspects that are within you. Are you truly connected with yourself? Your higher self? 

When you heal the disconnect in yourself & your vibration then connection in relationships can come easily. 

We can ask our partners to change behaviours or teach them how to love us the way we deserve to be loved. But until we heal the aspects of us that are lacking that in the first place their efforts will not cause any relief. 

The other amazing thing about self healing is when we change the focus to ourself and healing and loving ourselves more. Our partners have more space to step up in the way we need them to. 

Instead of being a burnt out and a unfulfilled wife, I have now become a loving and encouraging wife and my husband has grown into exactly who I always knew he could be. 

Not that I always criticised him or told him I was unfulfilled but my focus was in changing the relationship to make me happier, when I switched to being happier within myself the relationship become happier too. 

We are with our partners all the time, they are our biggest trigger. 

So I now use my biggest trigger as my most valued tool for self growth and self healing. 

I love working with people on their own inner healing and then seeing themselves and their relationship move forward. It is a direct reflection of the inner work.

Nothing says self-love more than committing to inner healing.

I love an honour every single person willing to do the inner work to change their outer reality.

If you would like to honour yourself and your relationship through inner healing The heal your relationship package might be for you.

❤ x

Until next time,

Melissa Jane

Melissa Jane, 

Intuitive healer, writer, owner of Soul Nourish.  Passionate about shifting you from where you are into where you want to be and healing from a soul level in the process. 

Soul Nourish is about helping you shift what isn't working, so you can live life in a way that brings you joy, by removing your subconscious and energetic blocks. whether you want to manifest a healthy body, soulful relationship, confidence, purpose or peace. We begin to create these things naturally as we shift what is blocking us from receiving. With my intuitive gifts, powerful vibrational remedies, subconscious mind work, & energy work. 

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