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The root chakra sets up the foundation of the entire chakra system. It represents trust in the universe and ourselves, connection to the earth, our body and others, nourishment, prosperity, health, safety, and survival.

When the root chakra is out of balance it can produce symptoms such as... Anxiety, worry about the future & money, low energy, health issues, dislike of your body or disconnection from your body, low confidence & lack of boundaries, feeling lonely, needy or feeling a lack of belonging.

When our root chakra is balanced we feel connected, present, healthy, grounded trusting and prosperous.

The Root chakra flower essence blend includes...

Aspen is provided for fear, worry, anxiety and energetic boundaries. Used to call in a sense of inner calmness and trust. Also to bring you into the present moment and shake off old or negative energies.

Rockrose is provided for anticipation anxiety, worry, and panic. Used to call in courage and trust. Trust of self and trust in the universe. Allow yourself space to take a deep breath and know everything is always working out for the best.

Rockwater is provided for when we are being too tough on ourselves and inflexible. Used to call in self-kindness, flow and a more nurturing outlook on things. Allow space to enjoy the small blessings in life and surrender to the process.

Centaury is provided for kind and generous people who find it difficult to say no to others. Used to create loving & nurturing boundaries.

Olive is provided for fatigue & low energy. Used to enhance levels of vitality & energy. Also for the wind-down and rest after a long day.

Crabapple is provided for dislike and disconnect with our body. Call in love, trust, & acceptance of our body. Allow space to grow a loving connection with your body and your home.

Each essence is hand crafted and energy infused x

Directions to use the essence are: Place 2-10 drops into water or directly into the mouth. You can take this remedy any time the issues stated in the remedies descriptions listed arise, anytime you do any grounding or chakra meditations. If you have any issues getting the drops out just tap on the bottle.

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