What is Neuro Emotional Technique (NET)?


Neuro-emotional technique is a mind and body technique. We use kinesiology, also known as muscle testing, to find and address subconscious issues, limiting beliefs, perceptions, negative patterns and blocked energy. 


This technique can be used for health issues, relationship issues, times of stress, anxiety or depression. 


This can also be used for self-development, spiritual development, connection with self and achieving goals. 

Why we need Neuro-emotional technique. 


We can hold onto things in our subconscious mind that we have absolutely no clue exist and these things can be holding us back in life.  Also, its human nature to learn behaviours, attitudes, beliefs and reactions from our environment and these patterns can sometimes be more detrimental than beneficial. Sometimes the way we were parented can be affecting us in some way. Even if you had a wonderful loving childhood you can still pick up on subconscious beliefs that may be affecting you in any area of life.


For example: "You have to be nice to your friends or no one will want to play with you". How many of us were told this as a child? This isn't an uncommon way to parent, it is important to teach children to be nice to their friends. But what if now you are being overly nice because you are scared you won't have friends if you stick up for yourself? How do you have effective boundaries and say no to others if there is a subconscious fear that then people will not like you? We all want to be liked and have friends, don't we?


This is just one example of how our subconscious mind can have several beliefs or taught behaviours that are stopping us from having the life we want.  


Another example is we learn reaction patterns and how to deal with situations from our environment. How do you react in a time of challenge or stress?  Do you feel secure that everything is always working out for the best? Or do you stress, worry or get angry?  How did your parents react in times of stress?


How were you taught to deal with issues in relationships? in work stress? With self-confidence? Money? 

Are the ways you are reacting or thinking about situations benefiting you or harming you? 


Because of these learnt behaviours and subconscious blocks we are often not living the best versions of our lives. If you can release these blocks then life begins to run smoothly and things begin to work out for you. You can spend less time worrying and more time enjoying life. 

How it works... 


In a Neuro-Emotional Technique session, we aim to find the things that could be holding you back in any area, using muscle testing. Then we release the pattern with tapping and rewire how we view and react to things. Creating a fresh and positive you. 



Encouraging you to have... 

  • Better relationships 

  • Enhanced communication skills

  • Reaching goals with ease 

  • Reduce stress and gaining clarity 

  • Feeling positive and fulfilled

  • Removed subconscious blocks 

  • Gain clarity and move past troubling situations in life 



This technique works so beautifully alongside homeopathy. 

Sessions can be as little as 30minutes. 


Begin the life-changing journey Neuro-Emotional Technique takes you on