How would manifesting your deepest craving change your life? 

If you knew you could manifest one thing!

Fast and with ease what would it be?

What would the one thing be?

Relationship? Money? Weight loss? Health?


What is it that you are hungry to receive and how would it change your life?

Would it help you to feel good? Feel loved, feel beautiful. Would it allow you to be loving and accepting of yourself? 

Would it ease stress, anxiety, and tension in your life?

Would it allow you to step into your full potential and bring fun, freedom, and fulfillment into every area of your life?  


To easily manifest your desires all you need to do is become a vibrational match for what it is you want. Sounds simple right? But the thing is, you have things within your subconscious mind and energy body that block you. Beliefs, hidden fears, unresolved childhood or self-esteem issues. You need to believe you are worthy of receiving, you need to know it's safe to receive what you desire. The list goes on.   

The real work in regards to manifesting what you desire and deserve is healing.

Deep soul transformation healing. 

To heal through being connected with your desires is such a beautiful, wholesome and sacred experience. 


To receive more money while simultaneously increasing your self-worth.    

To lose weight while stepping into deep self-love and appreciation. 

To shift your relationship while embodying vibrations of support, connection, and love.

To become truly healthy while stepping into your full potential. 

The thing is, everything you desire is because of how it will make you feel. So if you do not heal the internal blocks, thought patterns and feelings you will receive the manifestation but it will likely make you feel even worse.  


"Every session I have seen noticeable shifts"

So how about we team up and get you feeling incredible and in vibrational alignment with your desire. 

This package is only for people who are hungry and clear on exactly what they want. The work done in my healing sessions changes all areas of life because when you are feeling good within your whole reality shifts but for this package, it is important to focus on one thing in particular.  

Package includes 3 laser sessions 45minutes long plus three lots of tools and processes to shift your stories and mindset into alignment so that you can hold alignment between sessions and beyond. The tools given with this package can be used again and again for anything you desire to create in your life. 


I use my intuition all of my healing modalities within sessions. Consultations are a little bit like a counseling & coaching session but we go deep and really shift the energy of what is coming up and that's what creates a lasting impact. All consultations are done online via video chat unless discussed otherwise beforehand.  

You do not need to know what your blocks are you just need to know what you want. it's my job to do the rest and your job to show up, be willing to surrender and also be committed to the tools given. 

 "I can honestly say that if it wasn't for the work we did together I don't know if I would still be married, I defiantly wouldn't be pregnant again expecting another miracle.

Thank you, Melissa."

How do you find the things blocking me from what I want?


I use kinesiology so I can literally test your body and ask if you are in vibrational alignment with what you are wanting. Because you are likely blocking it for some reason or you would already have it I will then use my training to locate and shift the things going on in your subconscious mind and vibration. 

Will three sessions be enough? 

If you are wanting to manifest a million dollars and currently in debt then no, of course not. Three sessions will not automatically allow you to increase your receiving to that extent. But a lot of people have booked packages with me for weight loss and after the first session, we cleared so much that we shifted on to relationship stuff because they had such success with weight.  

What can I manifest?

You can create whatever your heart desires, better health, wealth, friendships, relationship, money, new job, improvement in your business, weight loss.

The list goes on, I would recommend choosing the thing you long for, the thing you strive for and what you would be so so grateful to receive.  If we choose to manifest the thing our heart craves the most then that will come with the most healing and create such fulfillment because it's what your soul longs for. 

What if I am already fantastic at consciously creating things in my life? 

Then even better, I am not teaching you how to manifest I am clearing your subconscious blocks. The thing about the subconscious mind is you do not have access to it. I help you clear the things you do not even know are blocking you. 

"My relationship is now filled with connection, support, and joy. My husband makes me laugh all the time" 


The manifesting package cost is $330.00 or 10 weekly payments of $33.00. A first time one-off consult with me is usually $200.00 so this is by far the most cost-effective way to work one on one with me.  


How exciting for you to manifest your soul's desires through deep personal healing, you deserve to live a life of fulfillment and joy. You are deeply worthy and it is time to feel that way x 

I am so looking forward to working with you x

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