Tap into your intuition...

Connect to deeper aspects of your soul 

Do you crave more clarity and direction? Would it be nice to shift your inner voice into a loving space?


Did you know that being tapped into the infinite wisdom of the universe and your higher self would create that for you? 


The more I developed my intuition the more people would ask me for guidance but I always felt uneasy about it. It felt almost like a disservice because I know everyone has the ability to genuinely tap into their own intuition and a deeper knowing. 


There are so many other beautiful blessings alongside developing your intuition, like always being able to connect to the energy and love of your higher self. Being able to access and deal with things showing up from a loving and knowing space.    


Imagine having guidance and clarity whenever you want? Imagine shifting that inner voice of worry? You can when you are connected in your own intuitive abilities and soul. With a sharp intuitive sense and connection to your soul, you can transform situations in your life and manifest with ease. 


In this course, we activate and cleanse the chakras and energy body.

Activate the third eye and crown chakra alongside doing work on balancing the root chakra, is it important to be balanced and connected to the earth when diving into the magic of the universe. 

You will learn the steps of connecting with your Higher Self and a perspective of love. 


Each session is catered to your individual needs and intuitive abilities. So if you are already tapped into your intuition and want to develop it further or you are a complete newbie this package will be catered to you. 


One of the first steps is tapping in, to then be able to receive the messages. People get stuck with trusting what they receive and are guided to do. It is important to ensure your personal boundaries and vibration are in a good place and secure you are connected to the good aspects of the intuitive world. Personal healing and raising your vibration are essential. So these are the things we work on together within the sessions. 



The course details... 


with three one on one sessions where we dive deep into developing your intuition, trusting what you receive, creating personal boundaries and raising your vibration. Alongside connecting to your soul and inner guidance system. 


Consultations are a little bit like a counseling & coaching session but we go deep and really shift the energy of what is coming up and that's what creates a lasting impact and a meaningful shift.

All consultations are done online via video chat unless discussed otherwise beforehand. 


Each session is individually catered to you and what you are wanting to work on when you come into each session clear on what you desire to shift we can create magic together.


I use all of my modalities within consults, read more about the techniques here. 


The package deal includes... 


  • An Essencial consult around 1.5 hours long valued at $200 with a 15min check-in call

  • Two follow through consults valued at $150 each.

  • The first homeopathic remedy and Soul Essence flower essence blend plus postage valued at $33.50



The package saves you $111.00 and the payment plan is paid off at $32 a week for 12 weeks or $24 a week for 16 weeks. 




If you are not satisfied with the work we do together after two sessions you can exit the package deal and just pay for the two sessions and the remedies. This way you can feel safe knowing if you are not happy you do not have to follow through with all sessions. 


Alternatively, if the package deal isn't right for you, you can book an essencial consult to work on any of the chakras,  boundaries, institution, connecting to your higher self and soul. As well as raising your vibration to create inner bliss for $200.00 




Develop your intuition course

Alternatively, if a full package deal isn't right for you, you can book a single one on one session to work on any of the chakras,  boundaries, institution, connecting to your higher self and soul. As well as raising your vibration to create inner bliss.. 

The Initial Consultation
1 h 30 min