Raise your vibration -  Connection to your higher self & intuition - Deep self-love & Acceptance

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Together we clear things like low self-esteem, negative self-talk, old unresolved trauma, deeply seeded beliefs & conditioning.  We transform negative blocks and behaviors causing issues and then call in the beautiful new energy, thoughts, and patterns that you deserve. 

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With my intuitive gifts, powerful energetic remedies and years of training in deeply transformative healing modalities, we can create the change you desire.  This is the type of personal healing and spiritual development that creates an impact throughout your whole life.

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Consultations are a little bit like a counseling & coaching session but we go deep and really shift the energy of what is coming up and that's what creates a lasting impact. All consultations are done online via video chat unless discussed otherwise beforehand. 


Evolve your life in a healing & intuitive way. 

You are worthy and truly deserving of the life you crave. Wouldn't it be nice to have...Deep love & connection, purpose, passion, peace...? The possibilities are limitless when you are tapped into your soul, your desires and you are healing from a deep level.


Would you like to connect to your intuition, tap into your magic,  heal old anxiety and limiting beliefs? 


When you clear blocks from an energetic and subconscious level, you naturally shift into alignment with how you want to feel & what you want to create in life.  

I believe the most profound inner healing is achieved through inspiration and connection to your desires. 


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Soul Nourish specializes in

Sensitive Souls -Empaths - Intuitive's

Wanting to shift... 




Empath symptoms


Relationships  Issues 

Negative self talk 


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And desire to..... 

-Expand self-love and self-worth.

-Manifest their soul's desires.

-Create loving, fulfilling relationships. 

- Embody more fun, fulfillment, and freedom.  

-Feel beautiful.

-Be supported in their soul's evolution. 

- Create nourishing & loving boundaries.

-Feel calm and have fewer triggers.

-Align with their purpose. 

-Feel confident, loved, calm and supported.  

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What clients have said... 

“Melissa is a wise old soul, she was born to help and heal. I would highly highly recommend her!.”

About me 

Melissa Before

I was sick right from birth. You name it I probably had it! Later down the track I also had severe depression and I struggled with crippling anxiety.  Because of all I was dealing with I started self-medicating to cope and for years struggled with addiction.


I didn't understand being an intuitive empath was such a big cause of my issues and I had tried everything to shift my situation and nothing seemed to help.  When I started to do inner healing work is when my body and my life finally started to transform. 

This work for me was so powerful and effective.  This is when I realised you must shift vibrationally and on all levels to create real, profound and permanent change.


Now things are very different for me, though this work I have created a healthy body, a happy marriage with my soul mate, lost 20kgs and kept it off.

I am living my passion and my purpose. I have created my souls deepest desires and I am living a life I thought would never be available to me. 


But most importantly I healed myself on all levels, I now have inner peace. Confidence and self-love are my normal.  Healing the relationship you have with yourself, feeling in harmony with your soul is the most profound feeling you could ever ask for.


This is why I feel it's my mission and my passion to guide and support people through their incredible spiritual, emotional and physical journey. 


Why this work goes deeper...

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There is a lot of woo-woo out there but the work that Soul Nourish provides is healing with spirituality and science. I had to complete a Medical Science paper every month for 4 years as a part of just one of my qualifications. I am combining psychology, the subconscious mind, kinesiology, quantum physics and higher planes of consciousness. 

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Coaches are inspiring and help you shift your shit to get from where you are to where you want to be. Healers shift energy, release blocks and heal your crap. I do both. 

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The healing modalities used at Soul Nourish are Homeopathy, Neuro-Emotional technique & ThetaHealing. I combine all modalities together within sessions and I also incorporate deeply transformational tools for my clients to begin using at home, empowering them to understand ways to create change. Read more about my qualifications here.

Book your free connection call now...

I understand it can be scary to know if you are doing the right thing with the right person, so book in a connection call where you can ask any questions and find out more about the healing sessions and packages offered at Soul Nourish. Take the opportunity to see if  we connect and it is what your soul needs at this time x  


Services and Packages...


The sensitive soul's package 

Shift your sensitivities from a deep level.  

For sensitive souls, old souls and empaths.


Develop your Intuition 

Develop your intuition. Shift your inner voice. Chakra clearing and activations. 


Healing through desire

Know your worth enough to heal through inspiration & creating a beautiful life. 

Flower essence blends available for anxiety, burn out, confidence and self-love.

 As seen in the Astral box 

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Words of apprication 

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“I have been to countless coaches and practitioners over the years and Melissa is one of the best I have been to for sure. She has an incredible gift with her intuition but is also really down to earth and easy to talk to. Whether its her coaching, remedies or mind altering energy magic, I always finish a session feeling like we’ve broken through something deep. Transformative! Highly recommended!!!”


Libby Evans 

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A journal prompt filled with questions and tips to manifest your souls deepest desires... 
Connect with your intuition...
Set clear intentions for what you are ready to create in your life... 
Get now

Free ManifestingWorksheet...

Online consultations exceed expectations...

"I'll be honest, I was blown away at how powerful this online session was. Energy is everywhere so that explains why it works, plus Melissa's work is very tangible for me. She uses a lot of phycology with other modalities  " - Kylie 

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“I wasn’t sure how an online consult would work, but I actually found it really effective & personal. Melissa is so intuitive and we were still able to connect as though we were face to face. She knew exactly what I needed and there was no barrier at all.” - Skye 

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Are you ready to change your life in a loving and fulfilling way?