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Heal in an effective & nourishing way. 

Consults are done in Mangawhai or online.

If you have been referred by a friend you both get $30.00 off  your next consult.

You will usually be recommended one or two Homeopathic remedies per consult plus postage ranging from around $5.00-$30.00. 

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The first consults can take up to an hour and a half. A full case history will be taken including physical symptoms alongside emotional patterns and any major life events. This all helps to find a fitting Homeopathic remedy and to try and get right to the core of what's causing an imbalance.


We are working on all levels to assist the body and mind to heal. 

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Initial Consult...

The truly holistic approach 

1.5-hour long consultation for first-time clients. 

Includes a 15minute check-in call within three weeks of the consult to ensure you are on the right remedy and are seeing progress. 

This also comes with a detailed handout explaining how to get the best results when working with Soul Nourish & a symptom tracker to track your positive results.  

Adults $160.00 

Children $125.00 

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Follow Up Consult... 

1 Hour consult for returning clients. 

This includes a check-in consult if you need extra support with the Homeopathic remedy within 3 weeks of the consult. 

Adults $125.00 

Children $100.00 

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Shift consultations...

Short impactful consultations for returning clients.

These consults utilize Neuro-Emotional Technique & Thetahealing

30-minute shift consult 

Adult $75.00

Child $58.00

45-minute shift consult 

Adult $96.00

Child $76.00

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Package deal... 

Initial Package Includes

4x 1 Hour consults plus check-in calls when you need them within 3 weeks of the consultation. 

Taking consults from $125.00 to $96.00 with a total saving is $116.00

The payment plan is $32.00 for 12 weeks

or you can choose $26.00 a week for 15 weeks. 

Book a free connection call to find out if a package deal is right for you or contact Soul Nourish now to organize your payment plan.  


The Sensitive Souls Package 

Shift your sensitivities from a deep level + develop your intuition. For sensitive souls, old souls and empaths struggling with anxiety and their sensitivities. 

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Nourish Your Mind Body and Soul 

Healing the mind & body from a deep and loving level. Transform Fertility-hormone-weight issues. Balance your gut, sleep, mental and emotional health. 

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Healing For


Heal your body, release your subconscious blocks & speed up your success. Transform while being deeply connected to inspiration & what you want in life. 

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Book your free Connection Call 

To ask questions and see what package or consult is right for you. Take the opportunity to know what your soul needs at this time x