Are you ready to create incredible transformation in your life? 

You are extremely worthy of amazing things, so congratulations on choosing to create change in your life. 


The journey of transforming from where you are into where you want to be all while healing at a soul level is the most rewarding experience. Every step of the way things just begin to get better and better and you realise it is all worth it, everything was so worth it because of where you are now. 



Consultations are all done online so no matter where you are if you have internet we can work together and create magical transformation. 

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The essential


The first consult for new clients unless you buy a package deal. 
The Initial Consultation
1 h 30 Min

This consult is for you if you ...


  • You are new to this work and are not sure where to start. 

  • You may have more than one area of life you would like to shift.

  • You may have any health issues or physical symptoms such as hormonal imbalances, digestion imbalances, low energy, restless sleep.

  • You may have anxiety, depression or are struggling with something in life.


Within this consultation, you have a chance to get clear on what is going on, what it is that you want to shift and create in your life. This is a time for you to share and this session also gives me enough time to use several modalities if that is what you are needing. So you are able to get a real headstart. This also comes with a free check-in consult within three weeks to see how you are going. ​



What people have said after this consult... 


"It is undeniable that it helped, I have felt so much better" 

"It's incredible how quickly it works for me I have already felt the weight lifting"

"I was apprehensive about what to expect when I booked in but you are really easy to talk to" 


The follow through consultation  

Follow-up appointments for returning clients
Follow Up Consultation
1 h

This consultation is for you if... 


  • You have already had an essential consultation with me. 


This is the space that we get deeper with thing going on an continue to shift your life into an amazing and fulfilling place.  


What people have said after this consult... 


"I feel so excited"

"Thanks again, I feel so pleased I found you"

"I trust you so much and I am so grateful to have you guiding me and supporting me"

The sensitive soul's package... 

For people looking to turn their sensitivities into a blessing
The sensitive souls package

The sensitive soul's package is a package specifically for empaths, lightworkers, intuitive's and sensitive souls that are dealing with issues like boundaries, confidence, anxiety, depression, loneliness and struggling with being an empath and their spiritual gifts. 


This is a package of 3 one on one sessions with me to learn tools on how to the lift the burden of the energy you can perceive. How to step into a confident and trusting place with your gifts and sensitivities. 


Being a spiritually gifted and sensitive soul can be a huge burden if you are not equipped with certain tools and are still in need of personal healing. 




Are you ready to turn your sensitivities into a blessing and create inner bliss? if so then read more about the Sensitive soul's package and see if it is right for you...

Heal your relationship package. 

For people wanting to shift issues in their relationship. 

Healing through desire

Are you feeling stuck in your relationship? 

Like you are just going around and around in circles. 

The same issues just keep coming up again and again? You get a little bit of progress and then before long, it’s back to what it was. 


If the answer to that is a big yes then read more about the relationship package to see if it is right for you... 

Tap into intuition course. 

For people wanting to develop their intuition and chakra healings. 

Develop your intuition course

Have you ever craved more clarity and guidance when it comes to money, health, relationships, just life in general? Well, you can have clarity whenever you want when you are tapped into your intuition and inner guidance system.   


In the develop your intuition course we work on connecting you to your soul, activating and healing chakras alongside personal healing to raise your vibration. 





Are you ready to connect further to your soul and intuition? If so then read more about this course here...