The homeopathic approach...


With homeopathy, we look at each person in all areas.  Taking note of all symptoms you may have, so not just looking at your main issue but the whole body, sleep, digestion, stress, energy levels. 

Melissa will ask you questions about stress and major situations that have affected you in life. Alongside how you have reacted in times of stress. It can be possible that these things are still affecting you. When you think of an old situation that was difficult, does it reignite an old feeling that you felt back then? Like anger or frustration maybe sadness. If it does then that can mean energetically you have not cleared it.


There may be a correlation between stress, difficult periods in life and physical dis-ease in the body. If we are able to clear things that may be sitting under the surface as well as release old energy and situations, we believe your body begins to have less of a burden and it can boot itself into healing mode.


Melissa will work to find the best match for where you are on all levels; to have a remedy that fits physical and emotional symptoms.

How homeopathy works 


Do you remember learning about atoms, neurons and electrons in school? How they are always moving and vibrating? Everything in the universe is made of atoms so in understanding this we understand that everything is vibrating. 


The world and everything in it is vibrating. 


Our thoughts have a vibration and energy, shock and grief have energy. Feeling healthy has a vibration just as being sick and unwell holds a vibration. The cells in our body are made up of tiny molecules that are vibrating away all the time doing their job. The cells in our body also have a vibrational memory also known as cell memory. 


Homeopathic remedies all have a vibration. I call it vibrational medicine. 


Each homoepathic remedy is made from a different substance. There are remedies made from flowers, minerals, herbs, there are even crystal emersion remedies. The substances are put through a powerful process turning them from the original substance into a homoeopathic remedy. What I believe happens through the process is the energy of the substance is amplified and this is how they become a vibrational remedy. 


So when you find the right vibrational match to what a person needs it then stimulates their body into healing mode. 


Let's look at it for a moment in terms of the chamomile flower. You turn the chamomile flower into a tea, the tea is calming and relaxing. So when you take the chamomile flower and amplify it into a remedy that remedy is also calming. So what state do you need to be in to need amplified calming? A state of distress. 


So when we are taking a homeopathic remedy we are taking a powerful energetic remedy. These remedies can be provided in times that we feel stuck, stressed and sick. 


We can shift from these places into where we are wanting to go. 


You don't even need to be sick to use homoeopathy, you can use it purely for self-development. Because it works with the emotional aspects as well as the physical. 

Homeopathy is for you if... 

  • You have a physical or emotional issue you would like to work on

  • You are wanting to reduce pain and discomfort

  • You are committed and ready for real change in your life

  • You are wanting to move forward into a more fulfilling life

  • You are wanting to let go off things that are no longer serving you but you are not sure how to do that

  • You are wanting more from your relationships

  • You are wanting to enhance your personal and spiritual development

  • You are wanting to invite more peace and joy into your life


Common questions about homeopathy... 


Can children use homoeopathy? 

Homeopathy is wonderful for children, I have seen children do so well after they have taken remedies. They seem to have less getting in the way compared to adults. What a beautiful gift to help a child clear things as they come up. 


Does homeopathy work? 

If homeopathy was just placebo then why would it have worked well for children and even animals? There are countless stories from all around the word about the successful results of homeopathy. From babies to children to the elderly and animals. There is also outstanding research being done on homeopathy all the time. 


Can I take homeopathy if I am already on medication? 

Yes, homeopathy can be used alongside medications. Be sure to tell the homeopath what medication you are on in your initial consult. 


Common misconceptions? 

One of the biggest misconceptions is that homeopathy is the same as naturopathy or aromatherapy. Homeopathy is a holistic and natural approach to health but it is different from naturopathy, herbalism and other used modalities. 


Begin your journey with Homeopathy today