About Melissa Jane And the birth of  
Soul Nourish 

I was born with health issues, allergies, asthma, eczema alongside being deathly sensitive. But I wasn't just physically sensitive, I also have always been emotionally sensitive, to the extent I was able to pick up on energies and emotions around me. I feel I was born with a sense to interpret on a deep level what was going on, an energetic sense. But as a child obviously I didn't understand this. 


So I went through the days and years being a sensitive and an unwell child. I would keep to myself a lot and never really felt as if I fitted in anywhere. This came with such a deep sense of misunderstanding and loneliness. I also believe this sensitivity was a big cause of my health issues. 

In my teenage years and as time went on I continued to deteriorate mentally and with physical issues too.  


I was a very unhealthy individual, I tried my hardest to escape and suppress all the energy I felt; all the loneliness and that I was horribly ill.


I didn't know what to do. In all honesty, who in the world actually knows how to deal with all the stuff they have under the surface? We all run from our problems because if we knew how to deal with them we wouldn't have them. 


The issues I had became much bigger and quite unbearable. My depression, anxiety, health, addictions became so much I knew I had to address them or I wouldn't be able to live any longer in this life. 

That's when I stopped running from issues and started to address & dissolve them. Homeopathy runs on the philosophy that is truly holistic - while addressing physical symptoms you also address spiritual and emotional discords.  This is where my inner healing journey started.


This journey with natural health and homeopathy was not an overnight one, I went through periods of being amazing. I was able to work and my health was continually improving.  


But I had so many issues I had to address, so much stuff I had held onto and had deeply affected me through my childhood.  So I would slip in and out of being strong and moving forward, into avoidance and reverting back into addiction and denial, running from the things I wasn't yet ready to address. Then the time came to truly commit to the spiritual & healing journey. 


That's the point I decided to become a homeopath and when the magic really started to happen.

Turning my story of sensitivity and health crisis into my gifts, into my path. 

I finally began to understand I was put here to know things on a deep level. I have chosen this life of sensitivity and huge health issues because I am here to help other people who need deep healing.


I have decided to accept it and embrace being sensitive and almost surrender to how intensely I feel things. I feel my emotions deeply, l feel what is around me. I can feel when people lie to me, I can feel where people are stuck. That's how I can help people so genuinely because I can feel maybe what they have shut down and are running from. They usually don’t even know its still there. 


In my opinionIt is this stuff we have become accustomed to not feeling that can cause such great dis-ease in the body. 

Through my own healing, I now look at being extremely sensitive and intuitive as a gift, not a curse. It's actually what makes me so good at my job. I can sense where people are struggling emotionally and what they are hiding from under the surface. 

Since beginning my training as a homeopath I have been on a deeply spiritual journey. I have cleared so much of my own stuff and developed a huge awareness of the process. This awareness serves me so well in supporting others with their journey. 


I met my soul mate and got married, something I could have never achieved without the work that I now provide. If he and myself hadn't committed to this inner healing work we wouldn't have been able to maintain a healthy relationship. This in itself has ignited a passion within us both to help other soulmate couples heal their relationship through inner healing. 

I have lost 20kgs and have maintained a healthy body for years now. 



Over this time I have developed my intuition, become a certified Reiki Master and have immersed myself in the self-development and spiritual development world. I now use all that I know and have trained in to serve each of my clients with what they need at that time. 



I bring all of my passion and knowledge into every area of my work because It's about healing on all levels and healing from within. 


Soul Nourish understands that the journey to health, fulfilling your souls deepest desires and shifting internal discords. Is about nourishing at a deep level, healing at a vibrational level. 

Healing your relationships......

Your relationship with yourself and your body. 
Relationships with family. 
Healing your relationship with your past, with food, money, your partner... 
Healing the relationship you have with your own life!



It's about healing so much so that you are deeply & utterly in love and obsessed with every aspect of your life.

What is Soul Nourish about? 


Soul nourish is about removing energetic blocks and conditioning so that people can step into their power and their potency. Supporting people when it feels like no one understands. 

Helping people when they feel they have tried so much and haven't got any relief. 

Educating people about their spiritual wellbeing. 


Supporting people in becoming there very best selves and knowing they can embody the confidence to go after what they want. 



At Soul Nourish we also love the ripple, the more you let go of the pain or things that no longer serve you while stepping into a more balanced and happy place. The people around you benefit and can be encouraged by your inner healing. This creates a beautiful ripple effect.


We support people into understanding their spiritual selves and their emotional selves. Self-awareness and spiritual development are so addictive when you realise how much you can enhance all areas of your life.

Are you ready to take a step towards creating your souls deepest desires and healing at a soul level in the process?