Find relief with Homeopathy...  

Homeopathy and the healing modalities used at Soul Nourish work to release issues right from the core. Holistic in the true sense of the word. You do not have to suffer through your problems, things change quickly & in beautiful ways when you are transforming from a deep & healing level. 

Allowing you to shift what you need and feel good while you do it.  



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Are you struggling with? 

  • Anxiety - worry - low mood

  • Sensitive children 

  •  Hormones -weight

  • Connection to your intuitive guidnace

  • Gut health - Sleep - Skin - Fatigue

  •   Confidence - Self-esteem - Relationships 

  • Negative self talk  - Addiction 

Be supported with powerful, natural remedies...

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 With my intuitive gifts and Homeopathy, we work towards totally transforming your health and wellbeing.

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The modalities used at Soul Nourish are Homeopathy, Neuro-Emotional technique (kinesiology/muscle testing) & ThetaHealing. All modalities can be used with Homeopathy being the foundation of each session. 

Read more about the healing modalities here.

Is this exactly what you have been looking for?...  

Why this work goes deeper 

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If there is overwhelm, anxiety, health concerns that just won't shift then there is an underlying issue inhibiting wellbeing. When we locate and shift from that core level there becomes space for everything to change in a profound way.

The body begins to heal itself, 

You feel happier, content, and more fulfilled in life. 

When you commit to healing at the physical, emotional & subconscious level you are choosing to...

Heal in an effective, nourishing and powerful way.  

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-We tap into your body's innate ability to heal itself.

-We use muscle testing to bypass the mind and get answers from the body.

-We are releasing from a subconscious and cellular level making results gentle yet deep.

-Soul Nourish incorporates healing with spirituality & science, combining psychology, the subconscious programming, kinesiology, and higher levels of guidance.

You can't beat outcomes like this... 

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"After just one session, I felt much lighter. Melissa helped me to clear grief that I had been carrying around for years."  Skye - Auckland 

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"Melissa easily taps into the real issues at a much deeper level than I would imagine possible. She has the ability to intuitively see what is in the way and work with me to free up these blocks to allow healing to happen. 

Some of my health issues have been with me all my life, I am so grateful to free up health challenges that I have struggled with for so long" - PC, Mangawhai 

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"I feel like that was 10 years worth of counseling in one session, I feel so much better. Thank you!" S-Collinson-Auckland 

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“I had postnatal depression and with just one homeopathic remedy my whole world changed, I felt so much better and I had no idea it could happen so quickly.” Jordan- Hamilton 

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"I feel amazing, I can't believe how much we cleared in under an hour, stuff I have been trying to clear for years, even decades. I feel so excited about my life and work I am literally dancing. You're incredible thank you" LE, Mangawhai 

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"I can honestly say that I don't know if it wasn't for the work we did together If I would still be married, I definitely wouldn't be pregnant again expecting another miracle." Mrs Aspect, Waihi Beach  


Melissa Jane...

About me 

Melissa Before

I was sick right from birth. You name it I probably had it! Later down the track I also had severe depression and I struggled with crippling anxiety.  Because of all I was dealing with I started self-medicating to cope and for years struggled with addiction.


I had tried everything to shift my situation and nothing seemed to help.  When I started to see a homeopath is when my body and my life finally started to transform. 

This work for me was powerful and effective.  This is when I realised the power of natural medicine, holistic health and spiritual development.

Now things are very different for me, I have created a healthy body, manifested my soul mate, maintained 20kg weight loss, and brought a house in our dream location, Mangawhai. 

But most importantly I created my souls deepest desires and I am living a life I thought would never be available to me. I am genuinely happy & proud of who I am. 


I continue to heal myself on all levels and help other people do the same.  Healing the relationship you have with yourself, feeling in harmony with your soul is the most profound feeling you could ever ask for.


This is why I know it's my mission to guide and support people through their incredible spiritual, emotional, and physical journeys. 

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“I honestly feel like a new human since working with Melissa, the dark, heavy weight was lifted and I feel free again. Melissa is a wise old soul, she was born to help and heal. I would highly highly recommend her!.” Nikki, Auckland 

Services and Packages...


The Sensitive Soul's Package 

Shift your sensitivities from a deep level + develop your intuition. For sensitive souls, old souls and empaths struggling with anxiety and their sensitivities. 


Nurture your Mind Body and Soul 

Healing the mind & body from a deep and loving level. Transform Fertility-hormone-weight issues. Balance your gut, sleep, mental and emotional health. 


Healing for


Heal your body, release your subconscious blocks & speed up your success. Transform while being deeply connected to inspiration & what you want in life. 

Online consultations exceed expectations...

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"I'll be honest, I was blown away at how powerful this online session was. Energy is everywhere so that explains why it works, plus Melissa's work is very tangible for me. She uses a lot of phycology with other modalities  " - Kylie 

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“I wasn’t sure how an online consult would work, but I actually found it really effective & personal. Melissa is so intuitive and we were still able to connect as though we were face to face. She knew exactly what I needed and there was no barrier at all.” - Skye 

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Are you ready to change your life in a loving way?

Book your free connection call now. 

I know it's scary, it is difficult to know if you are doing the right thing for you and if this is even what you need. This is why I offer a free call to ask any questions, find out more about the sessions. 


Take the opportunity to see if  we connect

and see if this is what your soul needs at this time x  

Consultations are like a counseling & coaching session but we go deep and really shift the energy and cause of what is coming up. That is what creates a lasting impact. Consults are done in Mangawhai or online.

Flower essence blends available for anxiety, burn out, confidence and self-love.

 As seen in the Astral box 

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Words of apprication 

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“I have been to countless coaches and practitioners over the years and Melissa is one of the best I have been to for sure. She has an incredible gift with her intuition but is also really down to earth and easy to talk to. Whether its her coaching, remedies or mind altering energy magic, I always finish a session feeling like we’ve broken through something deep. Transformative! Highly recommended!!!”


Libby Evans 

Evolve your life in a healing and intuitive way, book your free connection call today.